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Security Information
We realize that many people are concerned about the security of information communicated in an online environment. We have worked hard to make sure that the information you have access to cannot be accessed by anyone else.

Nothing has been more important in the development of this web site than the security of the site and access to the data available on this site. Below is a list of the extensive security measures that have been taken to safeguard access to this web site.

SSL (Secured Socket Layer)
This is the standard encryption method for securing data accessed through the Internet. It ensures that your information cannot be viewed by a third party when being transferred.

Data Encryption
All data that is transfered from our system to this server is highly encrypted. In fact, the data remains encrypted while being stored on this server. The data is only decrypted when it reaches your screen.

Locks and Limits
Our system has built in safeguards to detect brute-force attacks on our system. This means that if a user sitting at a computer exceeds our maximum number of attempts for access to the system, that user will be denied access to this system.
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